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Smart Invest Scanner

Thousands of users have already protected their deposits, now it’s your turn to connect Smart Invest Scanner, which will minimize the risks of your investments on the Internet.

How to connect the robot?

Two basic principles, analysis and diversification, are incorporated into the logic of the robot's work. Thanks to this, the risks of investing through Smart Invest Scanner are minimized.

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How Smart Invest Scanner works

Analysis and diversification

Smart Invest Scanner is based on a set of decision rules. Its work is based on heuristic algorithms, and it makes a decision on each individual investor and investment project.

Smart Invest Scanner brings out suspicious project behavior by continuously checking deposit transactions to detect activity deviating from normal behavior.

Smart Invest Scanner is a self-learning system that constantly collects and analyzes information on an investment platform. All the information is accumulated in the Data Center and is regularly updated.

Smart Invest Scanner ensures stable operation of deposits and follows the two main rules of any investor: analysis and diversification.

Daily scanning of investment projects

Smart Invest Scanner scans hundreds of parameters of investment platforms every day. The information is sorted into signals that determine the status of a project at the current moment. Depending on such signals, the robot refinances deposits in other, more stable projects. The data processing algorithms are configured so that even if several investment platforms are closed on the same day, this will not cause any financial damage to the bot user.

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Technical specifications
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Project marketing
Risk analysis
Payout control
Dynamics of deposits
Behavioral factors
Advertising availability and volume
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Our product
Smart Invest Scanner Online

Automated online investment system based on analytics and diversification.

Daily profitability index


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Smart Invest Scanner Rent

An excellent solution for active and successful entrepreneurs

Own website on a separate domain, customized settings of the profitability index, advanced promotion options, personal manager. Learn more

Smart Invest Scanner Box

Completely box version.

Limitless possibilities for creating your own infrastructure based on Smart Invest Scanner. Flexible interface settings, open API and source code, development of your own business logic, and more.

Personal website for free!

Smart Invest Scanner Trade

Smart Invest Scanner is a trading bot. Scanning and trading cryptocurrency assets.

The fundamental difference from other trading bots is that before buying an asset, by analogy with the investment bot of the Online version, it carefully collects and analyzes the infrastructure of the coin.

It's important to know
Daily profitability index

The profitability index, based on the processed data, is automatically changed by the robot every 24 hours. Including weekends and holidays.

Total income

Scanner operation period with a specific investor is 150 days. One of the key algorithms of the bot is a guaranteed profitability of at least 102. This is the optimal profitability index determined during the test period. No one is able to influence the creation of daily indices, and as a result, to predict the final profitability. In income calculation, it is better to rely on the average daily profitability index.

Calculation of the Profitability Index

The daily profitability index is calculated by the bot based on many factors over the past 24-hour period.The main factors are: seasonality, the ratio of new added and closed investment platforms, weekends and holidays.

Profitability Index

For more than six months of the scanner's operation, the most stable index of daily profitability was revealed, which ranges between 0.9 до 3.2%. Nevertheless, atypical deviations were also observed at the lower bar up to 0.5%, and in the upper values ​​up to 3.8%.

Why is it more profitable and safe to invest through Smart Invest Scanner?

Our scanner operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its main task is to search and process signals. Even the smallest changes in the operation of a particular investment platform, which are invisible to a person, influence the algorithm of its work. Diversification of investments takes place in more than 700 platforms simultaneously, making your funds virtually invulnerable.

How much can I earn with Smart Invest Scanner?

The profitability index created every 24 hours by the bot shows that the average monthly profit is about 30-50%. For 6 months of its work, the index did not go below 0.9% per day.

What are the guarantees of profitability?

The whole essence of Smart Invest Scanner is to provide security and optimal return on investment online. It was created especially for this. Nobody, including the developers, can significantly influence its work. The risk of losing investments is only threatened in case all investment platforms in the world, including global stocks markets, cease to exist in one day.

What is its difference from trading bots?

The main function of trading bots is to sell stocks for a profit. Smart Invest Scanner is primarily a scanner that, based on certain signals, distributes investor funds to the most secure and stable assets. That is, our robot, unlike trading ones, does not sell or buy anything. The main task of Smart Invest Scanner is to provide income and investment safety through maximum diversification, based on careful analysis. This is its advantage over Forex bots since it doesn’t depend on volatility in the cryptocurrency market, distributing funds to projects with different profitability including super-profitable ones.

Why rent the robot?

If you are an active investor and a successful entrepreneur, we are ready to provide you with a "box" version of Smart Invest Scanner. We will help you set it up flexibly and individually for your tasks considering the characteristics of the region, the size of the audience, and your plans for its development.

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