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Криптовалютный торговый бот VS Smart Invest Scanner

Cryptocurrency Trading Bot VS Smart Invest Scanner

Smart Invest Scanner is often compared to cryptocurrency trading robots. Let's see what is the difference between these programs.

First of all, trading bots do not perform investment functions, but are intended to make transactions for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency assets.

Custom Traits

Trading robots, unlike Smart Invest Scanner, often have an installation program, which, respectively, affects your device resources. It is very difficult for a user who does not have sufficient trading experience to set up a trading robot, therefore it is up to 90% likely that a novice trader will lose the entire investment amount due to incorrect settings. It is more rational to test the bot operation for a month in order to make the settings as deep as possible.

Smart Invest Scanner is an online program that you do not need to download or configure. It is easy to use. The Scanner does not make transactions to buy or sell cryptocurrency. The functionality of the program is aimed at investment activities. Smart Invest Scanner is activated at the time of creating an active account and no longer requires intervention in the work logic.


The investment efficiency of trading bots depends on both competent settings and the state of the Crypto market. Often, during periods of recession in traders' activity or stagnation, income from trading bots does not exceed 5% per month or may even have negative values

The Smart Invest Scanner efficiency does not depend on the activity of the Crypto market. Investments are distributed across more than 700 platforms of different directions, the work of which is not limited to cryptocurrency. The Scanner updates the profitability index (indicator of daily profitability) every day based on the analysis of the received data (signals). This index is detected automatically, and for the entire period of the program's operation it was not less than 0.9% per day.


Even experienced traders using trading bots often suffer losses due to the specifics of their work. Another risk factor is the following: today there are a huge number of trading bots of different types, including those from anonymous developers. There is a high probability of purchasing the program from unscrupulous companies, which means there is a high risk of losing funds.

When working with Smart Invest Scanner, financial risks are excluded. Diversification of funds takes place across more than 700 investment platforms. Even if 100-150 projects cease to exist in one day, which is extremely unlikely, the daily profitability will simply decrease thanks to the floating profitability index, and the Scanner will replenish the orbit of active projects to the required level within two or three days, thereby normalizing its activities.


Trading bots, despite their growing popularity, have a high risk index. Working with them requires a lot of knowledge and experience, which makes cryptobots inefficient for the vast majority of users.

Smart Invest Scanner is a unique public development available for everyone. It does not require experience and deep knowledge of the investment environment. It is a reliable and profitable financial instrument based on analysis and diversification. You can read more about Smart Invest Scanner by clicking the link

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