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Smart Invest Scanner


Today, there are a huge number of ways to make money on the Internet. But the risk of losing money or being cheated by unscrupulous entrepreneurs remains high. We created a smart tool that allows you to generate income in a safe and reliable way.


Each of us, at some point, came across investing, whether it be cryptocurrency or bank deposits. Investing on the Internet is a special category full of unexpected twists and turns.

In 2017, the development of a global web script began, which would allow identifying and processing signals, managing financial risks, collecting and processing a lot of information.

Upon completion of the work, testing lasted for more than six months, which showed that our goal was achieved: investment risks tend to zero while being completely excluded for a Smart Invest Scanner user.

We were ready to present the project to a broad audience, and we were sure that the bot would be accepted positively by many people interested in online investing.

In 2018, a large-scale social survey was carried out among the audience related to investments. The survey was conducted in the form of online voting, as well as by sending SMS.

It is worth mentioning that 75% of respondents have invested their own funds at least once in their lives. At the same time, more than every second person, that is 72% of respondents, answered affirmatively to the question: "Have you ever lost all or part of investment?"
This disappointing statistics strengthened the idea of ​​creating the Smart Invest Scanner program aimed at making the investment process transparent and safe.

Intuition or artificial intelligence

In the world of highly profitable investment projects, you cannot rely on good luck. The one who knows how to organize information, analyze it, and draw appropriate conclusions, earns money. Unfortunately, such people are an absolute minority. Majority of people are guided by emotions, intuition, extraneous rumors, and personal preferences. No one knows how to select projects, how to sort out promising and perspectiveless ones, how to distribute investments, they cannot perceive signals from a project. Smart Invest Scanner helps you save your time and money.
Smart Invest Scanner is artificial intelligence, the work of which is not based just on so-called diversification of investor funds. The investors themselves are capable of distributing their money for different projects. Diversification does not make sense without a careful approach to selection of projects for investment.


Investment environment

  • Hyip projects
  • PAMM accounts
  • ICO
  • Pre ICO
  • Binary options
  • MLM companies

Only verified companies with "Active" status are included in the statistics

As you can see in the graph, the investment environment is quite diverse, and this is the key to the safety of investments and a guarantee of stable income for Smart Invest Scanner users.

Geography of connections

  • Russia and CIS
  • Southeast Asia
  • EU countries
  • The USA
  • Central Africa
  • Others

As you can see in the graph, Smart Invest Scanner has the highest localization in Russia and the CIS countries.

But the growth dynamics of the users from Southeast Asia suggests that the share of this market will increase in the near future.

Projects by category

  • Active
  • Closed
  • Rejected

Active projects - companies are in the orbit of Smart Invest Scanner and regularly pay profits to their investors.

Closed projects - companies that stopped paying investors.

Rejected projects - platforms that did not pass the Smart Invest Scanner filters, and therefore are not allowed to work.

Blockchain technologies

Permissioned Blockchains are the lifeblood of Smart Invest Scanner. The signals received by the robot from a particular investment platform are a chain of blocks, where each subsequent block confirms the reliability of the previous one. Thus, it is impossible to influence the data processing algorithm or creation of the profitability index.

After depositing funds and converting fiat money into the internal currency of Smart Invest Money (SIM), you begin to independently create operations to open an account and withdraw profit to a transit account. All these operations represent a distributed database which is not connected to a common server. It was the Blockchain technology that allowed the bot to exclude any external interference in its work.

The use of Blockchain technology ensures absolute user anonymity, transaction reliability and stability of Smart Invest Scanner.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is a blockchain technology. In fact, it is an algorithm for creation, control over the fulfillment of obligations by the parties without involving third parties.

In Smart Invest Scanner, this algorithm is 100% automated and is the main tool in interaction with investment platforms and investors. Each payment or investment through Smart Invest Scanner is based on a Smart Contract. Suppose a payment from one of the investment projects came with a significant delay or did not come at all, in this case the conditions laid down in the Smart Contract program shall be automatically recorded as unfulfilled, and platform shall be added to the category of closed projects. This is the basic scheme of the Smart Contract technology as the main tool of our bot. In reality, it takes a matter of seconds to process data and make a decision by the Smart Invest Scanner, which allows timely protection of investments from risks.


Smart Invest Scanner testing lasted for 6 months. The main tasks of the tests were the following:

To determine the optimal number of investment platforms in the robot's orbit.

To build a portfolio of investment directions.

To identify the range of objective and safe values ​​of the daily profitability index.

To predict the total ROI for each connection.

Project statistics

  • Added
  • Closed
  • Rejected

Tests results


Minimum profitability index per day


Maximum profitability index per day


Profitability index for the whole period

Bot financial losses

Diversification level in relation to the built-in algorithms

Promising developments

We are continuously expanding our portfolio of solutions for secure internet investments. Very soon, two completely new products will be released under the Smart Invest Scanner brand:

Smart Invest Scanner. Box Version. Fully box version of the robot, which will not only allow you to set flexible settings, but also carry out your own branding and create your own business infrastructure based on Smart Invest Scanner.

Smart Invest Scanner. Trade. Trading version of the bot. A distinctive feature of this robot lies in the ability not only to buy / sell cryptocurrency assets, but also to analyze the entire marketing and technical history of the formation of the token, starting from the earliest stages.


The Smart Invest Scanner project has been under development since 2017. The team set itself an ambitious task, namely, to create a software package that would, based on the multitude of data received, create a safe and promising investment pool, effectively distributing user funds. Today we can confidently say that we have achieved the goal in its positive development scenario.

Long-term tests of Smart Invest Scanner have shown that the financial losses of the robot for six months do not exceed 1.2% of the total working capital. These losses are offset by the dynamic indicators of the daily profitability index and make the robot users’ investments invulnerable.

We believe that the result of our efforts will be appreciated not only by experienced investors, but also will help many thousands of people whose knowledge and experience in this area are still developing.

Thank you for reading this complete document. We look forward to seeing you among Smart Invest Scanner users.