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Checking Companies

Are you the head of an investment company? If for some reason your project is not included in the Smart Invest Scanner orbit, you can add it manually. The scanner will moderate your website again and possibly add it to the Active Projects category.

Attention! The inclusion of your project, in case of passing moderation, is free of charge. We do not charge anything, do not provide paid services such as listings, banner displays, and other advertising services. All projects are present on the platform only based on the results of Smart Invest Scanner complex data analytics.

How it works

If the moderation is successful, a Smart Invest Scanner account will be automatically created on your website.

An investment platform has to provide an open partner link for the Smart Invest Scanner user in case of limited access.

Further, a deposit will be created on your platform, which, based on the daily data received, may increase or decrease.

Submit website for moderation


Describe your platform’s activities in a few sentences. Attach a link to the website.

If the website was created using pre-design templates; several websites are located on the IP address; the contents (photos and texts) are borrowed from open sources; the website does not have an SSL certificate, we recommend that you do not submit the project for moderation. Such projects will not pass the Smart Invest Scanner test.

The moderation of the same website cannot be carried out more than once a calendar month.