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Smart Invest Scanner
Company’s product CREATE SMART INVEST

Many startups, now world famous brands, emerged from Stanford University which is located in the very heart of Silicon Valley and considered the cradle of the world's IT industry. Every month, the students create the university’s project portfolio that not only helps young professionals to realize their ambitions but also create a solid foundation for their future life.

In 2017, the concept of Smart Invest Scanner software package was created.


The idea belongs to the three following students of Stanford University (School of Engineering): Sonya Foleva, Christopher Daniel, and Andrew Robinson.

Соня Фолева

Sonya Foleva

Head of the Company, the Author of the Idea, Financial Manager

Кристофер Дениел

Christopher Daniel

Lead Backend Developer, IT Director

Эндрю Робинсон

Andrew Robinson

Lead Frontend Developer, Designer


“We were faced with a challenge of creating a web script that had no analogues. But the end justifies the means, since this product would help millions of people to make operating with investment platforms safe and profitable. And, as a result, they would be able to provide for themselves, their families and children. It was a supertask that we successfully completed. " ©Sonya Foleva Sonya Foleva


The 21st century is a time of opportunities. Millions of people search for a reliable source of passive income on the Internet. Having started student life, we got interested in investing on the Web. Day after day, studying the basics of this industry, we came to the conclusion that any investment required high labor costs: collecting information, analyzing marketing strategy and affiliate programs, controlling payments on a daily basis, and more. But even with this meticulous approach, we still used to fail. Investment projects got closed, taking our money and hopes for profit.

An idea was born to create a software package that would solve two main tasks, analytics and diversification. Subsequently, the idea was supplemented with technical solutions, and it became obvious that the mission was possible.

Creation and testing

The startup was actively supported by the fellow students and teaching staff. So, in August 2017, CREATE SMART INVEST LLC was registered, which de jure was the owner of the Smart Invest Scanner brand.

In March 2018, we managed to attract the attention of venture capitalists and receive $ 250,000 for the creation and development of the product.

Smart Invest Scanner Beta testing started in early 2020, and lasted more than six months. The results showed that the scanner had a high level of performance that allowed one to receive and organize huge amounts of data, provided a high level of protection for investments and personal data, as well as had a great potential for scaling, both technical and marketing.


In June 2020, Smart Invest Scanner was presented to external audience, and received good reviews from the Stanford University professors and students.
We are proud that we managed to create a product of this level. We’ve begun preparations for the IPO procedure in mid-2021. We believe that Smart Invest Scanner will become one of the most useful developments designed to serve people.