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What is an account

It is your unique user account on the website

Why do I need a payment password

Payment password is required to confirm withdrawal transactions. Set it in the Settings section of your Personal Account 

Is account verification required

At this stage, we do not require confirmation of the user's identity. But the company reserves the right to introduce such a rule. All previously registered users will retain access to their personal account and will receive a notification about the introduction of this rule  

What registration on the website allows you

Successful registration on the website does not mean Smart Invest Scanner connection and does not bind you to anything. On your personal account, you can learn about the cooperation mechanism and make a decision. 

I forgot my password

Use the automatic password recovery feature (button "Forgot your password?"). A temporary password will be sent to your email address, which you need to change in the Settings section of your Personal Account

I forgot my username

Contact Technical Support or send an email to with a request to remind your username. The letter must be sent from the address you used when registering

I forgot my E-mail

Contact Technical Support or email to with a request to remind your e-mail. Enter your username in the message. You may need to provide additional information about the user. It is not possible to change the email address specified during registration. 

I can't enter my personal account

The most common mistake is incorrect data input. Check the data carefully: capital letters in the user name, the input language, spaces in the password. If these tips do not help, please contact Customer Support. 


Where is the company registered

CREATE SMART INVEST is a US resident registered in California at: 5700 DOWDELL AVE UNIT 361

What is the law governing the company’s activities

The company is governed by the Law of California, USA

Legal model of relationship with users

In accordance with the current legislation, we have the right to provide the subscriber with our development, Smart Invest Scanner. The software package does not operate with fiat (traditional) money, therefore, by replenishing your transit account in the system, you agree to: 1) connect Smart Invest Scanner, 2) convert your funds into the internal SIM currency (Smart Invest Money). Also, the company undertakes to freely convert your savings from SIM into US dollars when withdrawing.

Do I have to pay income tax

Do I have to pay income tax - you independently decide on filing an income tax return and are responsible in accordance with the laws of your country of residence. Our company does not submit information about the income of system users to the tax authorities

Smart Invest Scanner monetization strategy

Smart Invest Scanner monetization strategy - The cost of using Smart Invest Scanner is 3% of your investment and 5% of your daily profit.
3% of the deposit is the amount for the development and maintenance of the Smart Invest Scanner project
5% of your profit is our direct income.
That is, the general model is that we earn if you earn.
For example: your investment is $ 100, $ 97 is used for the distribution of funds through the Smart Invest Scanner. Let's say, your income for the first day was 2%: $ 97 x0.02 = $ 1.94. From the income of $ 1.94, we earn 5% ($ 1.94 x0.05 = $ 0.097), you withdraw the rest as your income, $ 1.843

I live in Italy; can I connect Smart Invest Scanner

Although the developer company is a business resident of the United States, de jure we still remain a developer company and our activities do not contradict the laws of California, USA. You can connect Smart Invest Scanner being a resident of any country in the world. This became possible thanks to blockchain technology and the absence of need to use fiat funds. 

Smart Invest Scanner operation

How diversification works

Within 24 hours of creating an active account, Smart Invest Scanner will distribute your funds to more than 700 selected investment platforms.

The robot supports 650-750 investment projects operating in the system. This is an optimal business portfolio which includes platforms of different directions, providing you with a stable daily income.

How to connect Smart Invest Scanner

Transfer of funds from a transit account to an active one means connecting Smart Invest Scanner. More details can be found on your personal account after registration. 

What is the Profitability Index

The Profitability Index is the daily percentage of profitability identified by the scanner based on the processed data over the last 24 hours. 

How Profitability Index is determined

Profitability Index is determined automatically by the Smart Invest Scanner program. It depends on many factors such as the number of new projects added to the scanner's orbit, the volume of closed sites, control of the payment schedule from investment platforms. 

What if 100 or more projects are closed on the same day

This is unlikely to happen. But let’s suppose it did happen. The system constantly maintains the optimal number of active projects which is 650-750 units. If suddenly 100 companies stop paying out on the same day, the scanner user will not incur losses thanks to the diversification program. On this day, the value of the profitability index might be slightly lower than usually, which helps to prevent the users’ direct losses.  

How long has Smart Invest Scanner been operating

Final tests began in January 2020 and were successfully completed in June. Now the program operates normally and is available for connection. 

Financial questions

Where is the profitability calculator

There is no profitability calculator on the website, as the Profitability Index is updated daily and depends on the current situation over the last 24 hours. When calculating profit, it is better to rely on the history of the Index changes since January 2020.   

What are the guarantees of making a profit

The guarantee is two fundamental principles on which Smart Invest Scanner operation is based, analytics and diversification. In such circumstances, significant investment risks are just excluded. 

How to invest

You need to replenish your transit account on your personal account and activate Smart Invest Scanner. You can find more detailed information on your personal account.  

What is SIM

SIM is the internal system currency with a fixed rate equal to one US dollar. When you withdraw funds to your wallet, it is converted to a currency you choose. 

How much will I earn

The minimum total profit for 150 days is at least 102% and more. 102% is the guaranteed level of income that Smart Invest Scanner provides, but this index can be higher. 

Minimum withdrawal amount

The minimum amount available for withdrawal from the system is 1 SIM. The exception is cryptocurrency transactions, where the minimum amount is 10 SIM 

How to withdraw funds

To withdraw money, you have to transfer funds to your transit account, and then apply for withdrawal. The time limit for receiving funds to your wallet is up to 3 business days. 

Why does it take 3 business days to release funds.

This is a prerequisite for uninterrupted payments. This is due to the fact that there are many companies among the active projects that make payments once every 3 days, once a week, once a month and possibly even less often according to the regulations. This does not mean that the money will arrive in exactly three working days; as a rule, it happens much sooner.

How often is profit accrued

Profit is accrued every 24 hours based on the Profitability Index identified by the scanner. 

How to replenish an active account using profit

In order to replenish the deposit with the profit received, it is necessary to withdraw funds to a transit account, and then replenish an active account. The minimum amount for such transactions is 5 SIM.

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum replenishment amount for an active account is 50 SIM.

Scanner investment operation period

Smart Invest Scanner investment operation period is 150 days. After this time, the active account will be closed and you can reconnect the investment robot.

Partner Programs

Basic program

Basic affiliate remuneration is 3% of the amount of your partner's active account. Funds will be automatically credited to your active account and available for withdrawal. You can read more about partner programs here

Partner's profit percentage

Another affiliate reward is 5% of the partner's daily profit. This amount is credited to your active account at the time the profit is accrued to your partner (every 24 hours) and is available for withdrawal.

Rent Smart Invest Scanner

We can provide you with software for rent on individual terms. More details here

How to invite a partner

How to invite a partner - Your invitation link can be found in your personal account. Copy it and share it with your partner 

Customer Support

Payment transactions

The regulation for consideration of applications on financial issues is 24 hours. You will receive a response to your email address

Client request

requests related to the Smart Invest Scanner operation. The time limit for processing requests is 72 hours. A response will be sent to your email address

Business proposals

The allowed processing time limit for business proposals is 72 hours. A response will be sent to your email address  

Complaints & Claims

Complaints and claims are accepted only by email. The message should be sent to The time limit for consideration is 72 hours. A response will be sent to your email address

Technical issues

Technical issues are accepted only by e-mail as well. Send your question to The processing time is 120 working hours. 

I did not receive a response to my appeal letter.

If you did not receive a response email to your appeal within the time period established by the regulations, let us know about it at or call the phone number indicated in the Contacts section; a specialist will help you compose an appeal which will be considered by the director.