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About Smart Invest Scanner

Please read the information below carefully before starting to work with Smart Invest Scanner. This will help you to understand the essence and sequence of the stages of interaction with the robot.

General information

Getting Smart Invest Scanner connected you will get a fully automated profit extraction software product that allows you to invest your money in high-yield investment projects with minimal risks.

You will use our experience and best practices in running this type of business, which have been gained over more than 3 years.

The user part is your own personal account where you can track all statistics on your deposits, income, as well as withdraw funds to your e-Wallets.

Through the affiliate program, you will receive promotional materials that will provide you with career growth and additional income

The ability to make money with minimal risks from anywhere in the world.


Smart Invest Scanner software is designed with an eye to power, scalability, and flexibility.

It meets the most stringent security standards in the payments industry.

Built-in anti-fraud tools.

Ready to use integrations with PSI DSS compliant e-Wallets which guarantee the safety of user data.

Safe storage of user payment data on a secure server


Start cooperation with Smart Invest Scanner with registration. Carefully fill in all the fields with reliable data, including a valid mobile phone number. We are responsible for the protection of personal data, and we guarantee you that the information is protected.

After completing the registration procedure, you will get access to your personal account. In the Settings section, come up with and enter a PIN code of at least 4 digits. Do not tell anyone your code, you will need it to carry out transactions to withdraw funds from your transit account.

Transit account

Smart invest Scanner is connected in two stages: a transit account replenishment and the bot activation.

What is a transit account? Smart Invest Scanner does not operate with fiat money, therefore, when replenishing a transit account, your funds are converted into the system’s internal currency, Smart Invest Money (SIM). All further financial transactions such as accrued income, withdrawal of funds, and replenishment are made in SIM through a transit account. When you withdraw funds from this account, the funds are transferred to your e-wallet in a currency convenient for you: US dollars, rubles or cryptocurrency.

Top up your transit account using one of the following methods: e-wallets (Perfect Money, Payeer), or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum), and wait for the funds to be credited. This normally happens instantly; in the case of a replenishment with cryptocurrency, it may take some time to process the transaction.

We recommend registering an electronic wallet for operations. The process will take no more than a minute, but it will ensure the safety of your funds, as well as anonymity and fast currency exchange

Scanner Activation

The next step is to create an active account with which Smart Invest Scanner will operate. Transfer the required amount from the transit account, which will be your investment generating income.

As soon as the investment amount is credited to the active account, profit will start to accrue in accordance with the profitability index for the current day.


Within 24 hours of creating an active account, Smart Invest Scanner will distribute your funds to more than 700 selected investment platforms.

The robot supports 650-750 investment projects operating in the system. This is an optimal business portfolio which includes platforms of different directions, providing you with a stable daily income.

Even though certain investment projects are closed every day and stop paying, your contribution will remain invulnerable and continue working. This was made possible by global diversification and a dynamic profitability index.

Profitability Index (PI)

The profitability index is a dynamic indicator of profitability that is set by the robot based on the processed data, and automatically changes every 24 hours.Including weekends and holidays.

The daily profitability index is calculated by the bot based on many factors over the past 24-hour period.The main factors are: seasonality, the ratio of new added and closed investment platforms, weekends and holidays.

Scanner operation period with a specific investor is 150 days. One of the key algorithms of the bot is a guaranteed profitability of at least 102. This is the optimal profitability index determined during the test period. No one is able to influence the creation of daily indices, and as a result, to predict the final profitability. In income calculation, it is better to rely on the average daily profitability index.

For more than six months of the scanner's operation, the most stable index of daily profitability was revealed, which ranges between 0.9 до 3.2%. Nevertheless, atypical deviations were also observed at the lower bar up to 0.5%, and in the upper values ​​up to 3.8%.

Accruals and withdrawals

Profit accruals are made every 24 hours from the moment of opening an active account (not transit one). The interest rate is determined and changed by the robot at 02:00 p.m. (USA, California, San Francisco) every 24 hours.

You can create an application for the withdrawal of accrued profit no more than once every three business days. The next time for creating a withdrawal request is 72 hours (on weekdays) from the moment the previous one was created.

Regulations for crediting funds to your e-wallet: within three business days.

Such conditions are due to the fact that payments from investment platforms come in different periods, from one hour to one month. In order to ensure the guaranteed regularity and stability of the crediting of profits, this regulation was determined by the robot as optimal during the tests.

Internal transfers

The features of your personal account allow you to carry out exchange operations between registered users, directly, without involving Smart Invest Scanner.

This will allow you to buy or sell the internal SIM currency at the exchange rate independently agreed by the parties and other terms of the transaction.

Attention! All transactions carried out through an internal exchange are the initiative of only two persons, the buyer and the seller. Smart Invest Bot does not carry out arbitration and investigation in case of unfair fulfillment of obligations assumed by the parties to the transaction.

Write to us

If you have any suggestions, ideas for the development and improvement of Smart Invest Scanner, we will be glad to receive them! 

We look forward to promising and mutually beneficial collaboration