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Do you want to become part of a friendly team of like-minded people and take your place in the history of Smart Invest Scanner development? We look forward to cooperate with professionals whose views and willingness to work coincide with the team’s.

Perhaps you are the person we need so much!

Send your CV to and wait for an invitation!

Call Center Manager


  •     Answer calls and communicate with customers.
  •     Provide customers with product and service information
  •     Help in choosing a product, and direct selling of that product.
  •     Process orders.
  •     No customer search and no cold calling.


  •     Competent oral communication skills.
  •     Willingness to work.


We are looking for professionals who want to earn as much as possible and climb the career ladder as fast as possible.

Main responsibilities: initial client consultation, providing customers with product and service information. If you wish, you can start climbing the career ladder within a few weeks, and earn more than $ 1000. The main responsibilities: full consultation, help customers choose a product and direct selling of this product.

Work Schedule: 5 days on, 2 off; possibly 6 days on, 1 off, with a salary increase

For your convenience, the first salary shall be paid after two weeks of work.

Corporate Education & Training.

We provide all our team members with fairness and support in every aspect of their life. Therefore, a potential employee is to have similar qualities.

In addition to all payments provided for by labor laws, there is additional material assistance in various life circumstances including the birth of a child in the family of an employee, depending on the length of employment.

We understand that any employee has monthly expenses (renting an apartment, helping relatives, paying for a kindergarten, loans, etc.), and we do everything to ensure that salaries are paid on time, regardless of the situation in the country and crises.

We are interested in long-term cooperation, we are waiting for you in our team of open, hardworking and honest people! If you have the same qualities you will undoubtedly have a skyrocketing career growth.

Legal Advisor


  •     provide legal services within projects;
  •     provide analysis and design of business legal structure;
  •     prepare legal opinions;
  •     prepare consents and other documents on personal data;
  •     provide legal examination of the advertising materials;
  •     participate in working groups, negotiations.


Excellent knowledge of civil law, diligence, willingness to work in multitask mode, ability to work quickly, competent written and oral communication skills, responsible approach to work, ability to reach agreement when interacting with business units, focusing on business results, ability to communicate ideas effectively and clearly;

  •     Relevant work experience after graduating from university: at least 3 years;
  •     Experience in contract development, advertising, and personal data.

Frontend developer


  •    Design, refine and code the main web application.
  •     Maintain existing code for both desktop and mobile platforms.
  •     Customize the Product Menu (database management, backups, billing, etc.).
Our technologies
    Docker/Docker Compose.
    Backend on F # (.NET Core), own SQL dialect with a compiler in pgSQL.
    Front-end in TypeScript / Vue.js / Sass.
  •     Three years of experience in front-end development.
  •     Strong knowledge of HTML / CSS, responsive layout, SPA principles.
  •     Strong knowledge of modern JavaScript (ES6 and up).
  •     Strong knowledge of TypeScript (experience with Flow will do as well).
  •     Strong knowledge of Vue.js or React.
  •     Experience in writing unit and integration tests.
  •     Experience with JavaScript build tools (Webpack, Babel, etc.).
  •     Experience with Git.

HTML Code Editor

Requirements for candidates:

  •     Strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 (including CSS Animation), Flexbox, CSS Grid Layout
  •     Knowledge of Javascript, experience with JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap)
  •     Be able to choose between Bootstrap and CSS Grid Layout depending on a project
  •     Experience in cross-browser layout for all popular browsers, mobile devices
  •     Understand the basics of UI / UX / Usability
  •     Understand the main web design trends
  •     Experience in website design
  •     Desirable experience with template engines (Twig, Smarty)
  •     Good knowledge of graphic editors (Illustrator, Photoshop). Ability to use Figma
  •     Creativity, diligence, personal responsibility, attentiveness
  •     Ability to multitask with a large amount of information and a flow of tasks


  •     Do layouts of website contents, landing pages
  •     Build adaptive layout for different devices
  •     Do newsletters layouts
  •     Refine website and landing page design elements
  •     Design and prototype big web projects.
  •     Develop templates for multiple use on websites

Web Designer


  • portfolio with completed projects
  • ability and willingness to work with advertising design (landing pages, banners)
  • ability to work on Tilda (Zero Block is required);
  • experience in design of online stores, landing pages, websites;
  • understanding of conversion-centered design principles;
  • expertise with professional design tools (Photoshop, Illustrator), understanding of HTML + CSS;
  • knowledge of UI / UX principles


  • develop landing pages and redesign existing projects
  • visual layout on Tilda;
  • design advertising banners;
  • design and redesign side projects

A perfect candidate shall have:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Deep understanding of the principles of User Interface design
  • Ability to work with fonts, good sense of composition
  • Tracking web design trends and technologies
  • Knowledge of the basics of HTML layout
  • Competent written and oral communication skills