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Partners program

One of the principles guiding CREATE SMART INVEST is equal opportunities for everyone who believe in success and are passionate about creating and promoting the Smart Invest Scanner project. We disclosed information about the monetization of our product, and we offer you to earn the same amount and in exactly the same way as we do.

When creating Smart Invest Scanner, we have always been guided by only one thing, which is to provide everyone with the same opportunities for success and well-being. Our affiliate programs are a formula for honest and open interaction of all parties: we earn while you earn, and you earn while your partners earn. Everything is simple.

We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Earn money with pleasure

Making money on active promotion has never been as pleasant and profitable as it is now. Just share with your friends that you have connected Smart Invest Scanner and earn from 30 to 50% per month on simple rules that every investor should know: analytics and diversification. But the program performance is millions of times greater than the capabilities of a person or even a group of people, and therefore now your investments are reliably secured from any risks that are inherent in this area.

Direct reward is 3% 3% of your partners’ investment. But that is not all.

Step by step towards success

Another nice bonus is a reward of 5% 5% of the daily profit of your partners.

For example, if your partner connects Smart Invest Scanner and invests $100, your direct affiliate reward will be 3% of this amount. Further, your partner's daily income will be 2% - $100 x0.01 = $ 1. You will earn 5% of the $ 1 income daily ($ 1 x0.10 = $ 0.1).

The affiliate program is available without personal investment.

Financial transactions, how affiliate programs work, the legal model and more answers to your questions in the Wiki

Rent Smart Invest Scanner

An offer for users who have already taken their first steps towards success with Smart Invest Scanner.

Create your own business architecture by applying and scaling the full potential of our software.

Customized website that meets all security requirements with access to the Admin Panel, and more

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