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Work Regulations

The Regulations is the most important document that you need to read before connecting Smart Invest Scanner. This will take less than five minutes, but will give you a complete picture of cooperation.


The regulations regulate cooperation issues and are the main set of rules in the relationship between the user and the Smart Invest Scanner intelligent system. Each item has been validated through testing and is an integral best practice.

Violation of the rules for using the system may entail various sanctions including the deactivation of your account.

Please, adhere to these regulations, this will ensure long and fruitful cooperation.


A user can have only one account in the system.

Multiple registrations are strictly prohibited! Smart Invest Scanner checks not only IP address, but also your device, operating system, matches your ID in the system, and other parameters.

For violation of this paragraph, it’s highly probable that your account will be deactivated and you will not be able to enter your personal account.

If you want to help your partner to register but you are in the same network (Internet access) with your account, we recommend that you do it from another device and use access to another point, for example, mobile Internet.

Be careful!

Customer support

Support ticket processing regulations:

  • Payment transactions - 24 hours
  • Client request - 72 hours
  • Business proposals - 72 hours
  • Complaints and claims - 72 hours
  • Technical issues - 120 hours

Applications are processed only if they are sent to Any other requests shall not be considered.

Before making a support request, please check out the information in the Wiki section, perhaps the answer to your question already exists. Thanks   Go to Wiki 



The minimum amount required to connect Smart Invest Scanner is $ 50. The funds will be credited to your transit account after which you can activate the Scanner by opening an active account.

An active account replenishment using profit: the minimum amount is $ 1.

An active account replenishment with your own funds: the minimum amount is $ 50.

When depositing 50 SIM or more, a new deposit will be created. An amount less than 50 SIM will be credited to the latter deposit you created.

Profitability Index

The profitability index automatically changes every 24 hours, including holidays and weekends, at 02:00 a.m. (USA, California, San Francisco). You can see this value in your personal account.

The total period of work of Smart Invest Scanner with an investment is 150 days from the date of transfer of funds from a transit account to an active account. After this time, the account will be canceled.

Withdraw funds

Making withdrawal requests: every 24 hours

Funding your wallet: within 3 business days.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $ 1 for Peyeer and Perfect Money wallets, $ 5 for cryptocurrency.


Smart Invest Scanner system does not charge any fee for depositing and withdrawing funds. But there are e-wallet fees that the user pays.

Input: Payeer 2.9%, Perfect Money 0.5%, Bitcoin 0.5%, Ethereum 1%

Withdrawal: Payeer 2.9%, Perfect Money 0.5%, Bitcoin 0.0004, Ethereum 1%

Internal transfers

Attention! Choose your counterparty carefully. All transactions carried out through an internal exchange are the initiative of only two persons, the buyer and the seller. Smart Invest Scanner does not carry out arbitration and investigation in the event of unfair fulfillment of obligations assumed by the parties to the transaction.


Fixed rate: 1 SIM = 1 $. Once deposited into the transit account, the funds are converted into the local SIM currency. All transactions in the system are performed in the SIM currency. When withdrawing to your electronic wallet, funds will be credited in US dollars or cryptocurrency.