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White Paper

WHITE Paper - One of the company’s main documents defining the main goal and task.  


A unique user account on the website

Payment Password

A digital combination of 4 or more characters. Performs a protective function in operations to withdraw funds from a transit account

Smart Invest Scanner

An intelligent system aimed at reducing investment risks on the Internet


Smart Invest Money – the system’s internal currency with a fixed rate 1 sim = 1 $ 


a user who registered by your personal link

Active partner

a user who registered by your personal link and has an active account in the system

Profitability Index (PI)

Profit values ​​determined by the scanner based on processed data. The daily profitability index is updated every day at 02:00 a.m. (US time, California) 

Guaranteed Profit

The total profitability amount based on daily profitability indices for a period of 150 days, determined by the scanner during the test period as optimal and safe.


Automatic distribution of investor funds across multiple investment platforms added by the scanner based on analyzed data

Active account

An account with which Smart Invest Scanner interacts directly. This account is used to accrue profit and partner fees. Active account currency is SIM

Transit account

An account in the system, which is a buffer zone in operations for depositing and withdrawing funds. Transit account currency is SIM

Project statuses in the system

Active projects – the websites of companies that have been verified by Smart Invest Scanner and faithfully fulfill their payment obligations.

Rejected - projects that did not pass the scanner check for various reasons. The reasons can be poor preparation and vulnerability of the website, as well as others.

Closed projects – the websites of companies that violated the payment regulations or stopped withdrawals.